Thessaloniki holidays

Thessaloniki is one of the few European cities with such a long and unbroken history. It is a city that lived and live, a city of a metropolitan and urban character, a city that experienced very culturalism, a city that has seen conquerors and disasters, prestige and financial strength, a city that has composed the story of the diversity of its inhabitants .

It was founded by King Cassander of Macedonia. The town soon became a commercial and cultural center of both Macedonia and the Balkans. Today is one of the largest metropolitan centers in the Mediterranean basin.

Lovers of history will be excited from their holiday in Thessaloniki as there is a wealth of archaeological sites from one end of the city to the other.

With its own pace of life, slower and more humane, the city of Thessaloniki wins visitors by offering many pleasures. Theaters, coffeehouses, bakeries, cinemas, nightclubs, art exhibitions and lecture halls offer a variety of entertainment.

During your holidays in Thessaloniki you will have the opportunity to hang around in town, walk along the beach, beneath the White Tower and near the ancient city walls to arrive at the castles, at Tsinari and Upper Town from where you can enjoy a unique view. You can also visit the Forest Hill of Kedrinou with its cafe, an oasis of pleasure which hugs the city, the Forest Theatre, the zoo and the Museum of Natural History. Great escape for those who love nature, hiking, and for those who want to make a picnic in the countryside, the forest Hill Kedrinou is also a shelter for many birds and small animals.

Enjoy your coffee at Aristotelous Square, overlooking the port of Thessaloniki. Visit Ladadika and tsipouradika at Athonos Square and the Bit Bazaar, where even today you will find many antiquaries of the city.

Located 20 kilometers from the center, on top of a hill, Heaven hotel in Thessaloniki offers magnificent view of Thermaikos bay. Make your reservation and discover Thessaloniki history and sights!

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